Sino-American Pigment Systems, Inc.

High-Performance, Non-Toxic, Hybrid Pigments


Sino-American Pigment Systems, incorporated in 1993, provides world class organic and inorganic pigment. We are a technical sales, marketing, and product development organization, with the world rights to market the patented Safe Yellow™ product line.

About our company

We develop SAFE YELLOW™ pigment systems in collaboration with a major Chinese pigment manufacturing company.

In 1995, we recieved a joint U.S. patent with the Chinese manufacturer to co-develop industrial coatings, powder coatings, and inks.

SAFE YELLOW IC™, provides significant value by replacing expensive organic pigments with the inorganic core.

SAFE YELLOW IC™ is unique in providing significant cost-savings and rheological benefits, such as lower viscosity, which allows high pigment loading, improved flow, and increased gloss.

Sino-American places great emphasis on quality control. With the advancement of computer and measurement technology we are able to monitor and modify the pigment to meet our customers’ specific requirements.

The Sino American Pigments plant is located in China. It is certified under ISO Standard 9001.

We pride ourselves in bringing the industries we serve what they demand: quality products, customer service, and value.